Six Packs abs, skinny guys and phentermine

Why skinny guys aspiring to get six pack abs take dangerous supplements like Phentermine.

Granted, we all want that washboard tummy, and probably that is the biggest reason behind your trying to lose your tummy weight. But other than vanity, there are serious medical implications associated with large stomachs, whether you are a man or a woman. Having a large belly, is in fact more of a health risk to anyone rather than extra weight surrounding any other section of your body, such as your thighs for instance.

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 This is because your belly fat contains metabolically active tissue. This tissue can then release substances into your body, and these substances if in excess, expose your body to risky diseases. This fat has been linked to cardiovascular problems, hardening of the arteries and can even boost diabetes.


How to Lose Abdominal Fat for Men Today

So how can you tell that you need to begin aggressively trimming down your stomach fat?

Well apart from the fact that you are probably the butt of most your friends jokes, generally just by you can tell that you have a weight problem by simply looking at yourself on a mirror. Another common sign that your belly is overweight is when you have lower back pain, experience knee pains whenever you try to exercise, even for a light jog, and when you have more trouble sleeping. However, if you are still not convinced, then probably its time to get out your tape measure and find out just how many inches your belly is. For men, the average waist size should be approximately 40 inches or less. Be honest when measuring and do not try to suck in either your breath or your stomach.

Therefore, how can you then go about losing that extra abdominal fat? Here are a few tips:

1. Well, the one thing that you should absolutely not try to do is to skip meals. If anything, skipping meals will achieve the exact opposite effect. What happens is that every time you skip a meal, your body will go into starvation mode.

2. Therefore, your body will start trying to hold on to every little piece of food that comes its way, your metabolism will slow down and instead of breaking down fats, these fats will be stored. Therefore, you will probably gain more abdominal fat, and besides, when time comes to eat you are likely to eat twice more. You can burn more calories with Phenquick as well!

Therefore, instead of skipping meal , just try and be more careful of what you consume. Keep track of the amount of calories, proteins, and so on that you consume on a daily basis. This is not usually hard to do, all you need to do is to go on the internet and download one of those food counters with a list of all foods, fruits and drinks with their corresponding weights and calories counts. You will find that once you become aware of the different calorie counts then it becomes easier to eat what your body requires.

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3. The next best way to lose stomach weight for men is to sign up for one of those aerobic classes. Aerobic exercises are a great way not just to lose just abdominal pain, but also to lose accumulated fat around other parts of your body. However, with aerobic exercises, ensure that you don’t go for exercises like sit-ups, or crunches. It is not usually possible to burn fat in just the belly alone. Plus these kinds of exercises are meant to strengthen stomach muscles. Therefore, just go the whole nine yards and do the exercises that burn off calories in your entire body, you’ll find that the extra fat around your stomach will be the first to be shed off.

4. Besides, if you can combine these aerobic exercises with resistance training, such as exercises machines, free weights, resistance bands and the likes, these are more likely to be more effective.

In addition to aerobics, try and engage yourself in physically demanding tasks a few times every week. You can choose from a wide range of options such as going for a run every morning or evening, taking the steps instead of the lift, signing up for an outdoor sport and so on. The list is endless. Taking generic supplements like Phen375 also useful if you have stubborn fat to lose. Fitnessfirst publication wrote detailed review with all the pros and cons. See their youtube channel for more useful videos

6-pack-abs-felipe-anibalAlso, try and consume more fibers, in your diet. This is because fiber, particularly soluble fiber, will lower the insulin levels within your body and speed up the burning of visceral abdominal fat. However, a note of caution is that you should introduce fiber into your body at a gradual pace. Therefore, for instance, if your diet gives you on average 15grams of fiber a day, then increase that intake to 20 grams for a period of time before increasing again. The best source of fiber is found in the skins of vegetables and fruits. So don’t peel those apples or carrots before you eat them.

Therefore, it is good to know how to lose abdominal fat for men, and to simplify it all, discipline and determination play a big role in it. But it will be worth the effort. For more information on how to lose stomach fats for men, you should read “Mike Geary’s Truth About Six Pack Abs review”.

Another way on how to lose stomach fat for men is to switch the kinds of fats that you eat. The fact that you are concerned about losing abdominal fat does not necessarily mean that you cut out any and all consumption of fats. You can still eat fats, only that you eat healthy fats, such as those found in avocadoes, seeds, soybeans, nuts and chocolate known as mono-saturated fats.