Large portions of Southern California, including the San Bernardino Mountains, are considered a high hazard fire environment.  To some it is a paradise, where the air is clean and the cadence and worries of city life are left far behind.  Others recognize the potential catastrophic loss as thousands of people move into the mountain top communities.  Based on past experience, this area possesses all the ingredients necessary to support intense and uncontrollable wildfires.

Since it is not a question of “if” a wildfire will occur but “when,” the likelihood of loss continues to grow.  Yet, many of the homeowners in this forest environment are not prepared to survive an intense wildfire.

Click here for a fire history of the San Bernardino National Forest.

There has been an increasing realization that our ability to live more safely in this environment depends upon “pre-fire activities.”  Pre-fire activities are steps taken before a wildfire occurs that improve the ability of people and homes to survive.  These steps include proper vegetation management around the home (known as defensible space), use of fire resistant building materials, appropriate subdivision design and other preventive measures.  Pre-fire activities have been proven to save lives and property.

Pre-fire activities are what Fire Safe Councils are all about.  The Mountain Rim Fire Safe Council is actively educating the community and working together with public agencies such as the California Department of Forestry, San Bernardino County Fire,  United States Forest Service, Cal Trans, Southern California Edison and The CA Conservation Corps.  We are dedicated to reducing fire hazards for our mountain top communities.